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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is responsible for the moving of furniture?

  • Have as many items off of the carpeted areas to be cleaned as possible. (we are coming to clean, we are not a furniture moving company) We will not move any heavy, expensive, or breakable items (We are cautious and do not want to damage your furnishings). Please remove clutter, toys, tables, night stands, etc. This will help to keep your expenses to a minimum.

Do you use harsh Chemicals?

     We use the safest possible products for the health of not only your home but for the health of our technicians (We want to live a long clean life). WE           CLEAN GREEN! To complicate this answer we have the ability to use harsh products when they are used safely and only as necessary. We offer all forms       of cleaning and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

What is the IICRC?

     The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration.

     Representing more than 54,000 registrants across the globe, the IICRC is an international non-profit certifying body. In addition, the IICRC is an ANSI-         accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO) that works with interested industry associations and organizations to develop consensus-based           standards.

How long will my carpets be wet?

     Dry times can and will vary widely based on Carpet Type, Soiling, inside and ourside temperature and humidty, airflow, if any post treatments were             applied etc.

     Warm Dry Moving Air will aid in reducing the dry times of the areas after cleaning. We nearly always try to have air moving equipment on-site and are         drying areas already cleaned as we continue with the process. We try to have your carpets ready in as litte as one hour after our departure.

What about our pets and children?

     The process and post process is safe for pets, children, and elderly. We love yours and ours and we love meeting friendly litte and furry companions. Durring the cleaning           process they need to be away from all areas being cleaned and all equipment as we will not be held liable for any injurys or animals escaping.

Will the door have to be left open?

     We use Seal-A-Door that fills in your open door and leaves a place for our hoses to go through but not the bugs or elements.

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