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Carpet, cleaning stains


Lake State Carpet Cleaning has Pride in the work we do and the education we receive and provide to our customers.

We are proud to be a Certified Firm with the IICRC in an industry that does not require any. We are continuing our education and staying ahead of the curve. We are in constant communication with the carpet producers and equipment manufacturers and colleagues at the top of our field.​

We provide you with the most up to date and quality service you deserve at a price that will make you smile and recommend us to your neighbors. We are proud to tell everyone that our services are guaranteed and we will not do work that is unnecessary or unwanted. 

No Harsh Chemicals

Carpet Pricing is as follows for the majority of the cleanings we do. $60/area with a $150 minimum. Area =< 225sq ft room or a flight of stairs up to 15. Hallways are generally considered 1/2 areas.

This Certified process includes:

1. Certified Inspection

2. HEPA vacuum

3. Pile lift (if necessary is additional)

4. Standard spot treatment

5. Custom cleaning solution

6. Brush Pro powered agitation

7. Hot Water Extraction/Steam (rotary additional)

8. Grooming (if necessary)

Some spots are additional and can vary widely on severity(urine, paint, kool-aid, etc.)

9. Genuine 3M scotchgard = $30/ area I know that's a lot so ask any questions

Carpet Cleaning

Through our thorough Communication, Inspection, and Fiber Identification, the customized cleaning process can be perfected to achieve the ultimate  REAL CLEAN in your indoor environment.

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Upholstery Pricing is fairly straight forward but can vary depending on some factors (Fiber type, number of removable cushions, specialty stains etc) 
$150 Minimum. Standard minimums apply
$20/linear foot

1. Certified Inspection
2. Hepa Vacuum
3. Custom cleaning solution
4. Gentle or power agitation
5. Sheer effect hand tool HWE(Hot Water Extraction) or CWE 
6. Grooming(if necessary)
7. Fiber protection(Genuine 3M Scotchgard) $10/linear foot
Removable seat cushions are included, all other removable cushions/pillows are an additional $10+ each.


Upholstery Cleaning 

RELAX, Certified technicians will REAL CLEAN, deodorize, sanitize, and protect your furnishing investments!

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Tile and grout cleaning can vary greatly depending on the type of stone/tile, area, adjacent furnishings that may need protection, and number of processes required. Results will vary depending on age, soiling, damage etc.

We have a $150 minimum and a $100/area minimum all other prices are as follows. Standard minimums apply
$0.75/Square foot for Clean and pressure extraction process.
$0.75/Square foot for Acid Etch/neutralize and Pressure extraction Process.
$0.50-$1.00/square foot for sealing of tile and grout.

This Certified process includes:

1. Certified Inspection

2. protection of adjacent material (may be additional)

3. Dry soil removal (sweep/vacuum)

4. Custom Cleaning Solution

5. Powered or manual aggitation

6. High Pressure Hot Water Extraction

7. Acid Etch/Neutralize (if necessary) and extract again.

8. Penetrating sealer (Optional or as needed)

Specialty processes and restoration are on an as needed basis and will be estimated upon inspection

Stone, Masonry, Tile, Cleaning & Restoration

Certified technicians will REAL CLEAN or restore your natural stone, tile, or masonry to like new condition and seal and protect them from the elements.  Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc.

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mattress, cleaning, anti allergen, dust mites, bed bugs, fire retardant, warranty,

Mattress Cleaning & Allergy Control 

REAL CLEAN, Sanitary, Allergy Control, We guarantee you can sleep easy after our technicians have refreshed your mattress!

Certified Mattress Cleaning/Allergy control results vary greatly, the materials generally are susceptible to color change and many stains/discolorations are not removable.

Pricing is fairly straight forward. standard minimums apply.

Single sided: Twin or smaller $100, Queen $110, King $120.

Anti allergen cleaning products are available and are $25/side/mattress

Anti allergen post treatment is available and lasts up to 6 months to denature dust mite allergens cost is $25 twin, $35 Queen, and $45 King per side.

Flame retardant application is higly recommended but is optional (We are not liable with or without application)

Our certified process includes:

1. Certified Inspection

2. HEPA vacuum

3. Custom Cleaning solution

4. Gentle Hand agitation

5. Hot Water Extraction with Sheer effect Tool

6. Application of anti allergen and flame retardant (see above)

Other issues (urine, etc) are not always fixable

All Pet Urine and Odor Control/Remediation are custom and pricing always varies.

For the majority of Pet Urine issues We use many methods for extraction and control of odor and stains

Sub Surface Urine Extraction is our most effective, non invasive pet odor and stain eliminator.

The only "guaranteed" urine control remediation service we offer includes removal, treatment, and sealant of the affected materials prior to new materials being installed.

Tobacco control and abatement is custom for every project and no pricing will be given without a thorough inspection.

Please contact us for further information.

Pet Urine & Odor Control

Science and Chemistry provide our customers multiple processes to control and eliminate Odor Issues in your indoor Environment!

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We use Genuine 3M Scotchgard to protect your textiles. 

Scotchgard is Hydrophobic (repels water), oleophobic (repels oil), and an acid dye resistor (prevents/slows bleaching and staining)

Please follow this link for more information

Carpet, Upholstery, hard surface Protection 

Genuine 3M Scotchgard is recommended for your textiles to protect from spills and keeps them cleaner longer 

fiber, protection, scotchgard, 3m, hydrophobic, oleophobic, stain

Certified Color Correction can repair that accidental bleach spot or renew an entire area with an updated color.

All projects are custom

We guarantee the colors will not wash away.

$300 minimum in addition to standard minimums.

Please call us for info and estimates.

Color Correction/Dye

Many fiber types natural and synthetic can change color from a number of factors, either added color or color loss. Our certified technicians can correct these problems guaranteed

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